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Why to Go for Photo Booth Services Over Hiring a Photographer for Your Event?

We keep this love in a photograph

We made these memories for ourselves….

Ed Sheeran indeed said it right. From polaroids to selfies, each documentation holds a memory and captures different moments of the setting in a vivid manner. A photograph is truly the essence of any and every special event. However, each time we think of framing the event, our instinct is to go for a professional photographer. Is it bad? Not entirely, but it comes with a lot of hassles too.

On the other hand, photo booth services are something that you should consider to keep the click action going on while adding fun to your gathering. Here’s why:


The biggest advantage of photo booth services is that you get access to the pictures instantly. It is the sole reason why this innovation became popular in fairs and other public settings. The modern photo booth services give you access to high-quality photos comparable to the DSLR ones. Captured the awkward picture of your uncle having cake in the backdrop? Gwen with the lazy eye? Did Peter get blurred? With a photo booth, you get a quick re-do minus any awkward backdrop instances.


The photo strips are a great keepsake. They are fun and act as great souvenirs that never go out of style. Apart from being a fun activity, it keeps your guests engaged throughout the event. The modern photo booth services come with customizable options, GIFs, fun backgrounds, and boomerangs to creatively make unique and exciting photos.


Photo booths come with a lot of innovation these days. The open air photo booth is one revolutionary technology over the traditional photo booth service. Although one might consider traditional photo booths, these come with a spectrum of work. It will involve a photographer instructing the guests to fit the backdrop and take care of the setup. This adds setup and takes the fun out of the process with all the instructions. An open-air photo booth takes all the work out while keeping the convenience of portability in. These are extremely easy-to-use booths that do not require too much floor space and fit in a lot more people than the former.


Dealing with a photographer can be a herculean task. From managing payments, negotiation, waiting for pictures to sitting for edits, extra costs of those edits, and so on, it can be overwhelming. Plus, if your professional is unreliable, it can spell further trouble for you. Our PictureBox photobooth services give you access to unique open-air photo booth technology with customizable and affordable packages that bring:

  • Unlimited sessions

  • Personalized templates

  • Different backdrops

  • High-quality digital prints

  • Online gallery, and more.

Apart from that, we also provide setup and breakdown services to avoid sweating the setup process. Our professional customer service and transparent pricing help you focus on enjoying your event rather than worrying about the hidden expenditures.

An Open-air photo booth is an ideal choice for any occasion. They add more interaction while fulfilling the purpose of photography. Another advantage is that instead of having your guests pose traditionally, you can have your bespoke theme and use props to create an ever-lasting, memorable experience! If you would like to learn more about this technology, feel free to connect with us for any corporate/ family/ personal event.

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